May 30, 2023

Video installation 'Airport' at the Erlebnisland Mathematik (Technical University of Dresden)

May 30 - June 2nd, with midissage on June 1st 7pm.
location Dresden, TU Dresden, HSZ  # 304
HSZ Hörsaalzentrum, Bergstr. 64

On the occasion of the 100th jubilee of GAMM, this exhibition shows artifacts of the academic heritage, scientific and art collections of TU Dresden, selected artworks of regional and international artists as well as installations fusing art, science and technology. The exhibited objects are selected to connect applied mathematics and mechanics in a historic perspective.

The ‘Airport’ project is inspired by a sculptural interpretation of publicly available data on air traffic. It consists of a visual system, a set of sixteen 3D modules that can be arranged in multiple combinations. It was inspired by the Formstein system, developed by Dresden artists Karl-Heinz Adler (1927-2018) and Friedrich Kracht (1925-2007) in the late 1960s for designs in urban space. The resulting visual artwork functions as a video installation, an immersive programmed environment choreographed by airplane traffic. The movement and morphing of each module will react to several factors, such as trajectories, time, and location of the airplanes. Multiple levels and heights of the modules will transform in real-time renderings, creating an ongoing cascading and reassembling effect. A soundtrack was composed by John Blackford based on the air traffic chatter that would accompany the installation. The project was developed in collaboration with Axel Voigt , Chair of Scientific Computing and Applied Mathematics (TUD), and Stefan Gumhold, chair of Computer Graphics and Visualization (TUD). The ‘Airport' modules are a collection of sculptural studies continuing the tradition of formal modernist experimentation rooted in concrete data and its influence on contemporary artistic practice.