May 27, 2021

Artificial Intelligence Exchange (AIX 2021)

I was invited to participate in a workshop AIX 2021 along with other contributors Daniel Lordick, Henriette Greulich, Robert Fischer, Lisa Nickolaus, Sunna Torge, Simon Meier-Vieracker, Karsten Wendt, Christian Kosmas Mayer, Anton Ginzburg, Felix Schmitt

The two-day online workshop (27th and 28th May 2021) Artificial Intelligence Exchange (AIX) is all about experimenting with and reflecting on artificial intelligence (AI). For this purpose we have set up a program of input, interdisciplinary group work, and reflection, which involves scientists and artists on an equal footing. The goal is to explore the state of the art of machine learning and its future implications, such as the impact on problem solving, business concepts, creativity, memory, and individuality.

Artificial intelligence

In the public perception, a lot of mystery has been created around artificial intelligence (AI) ever since scientists like Stephen Hawking and Stuart Russel have stated that AI may someday lead to human extinction [*]. To reflect the current possibilities, researchers often avoid the term AI, preferring instead to talk about certain aspects like machine learning.

Nevertheless, AI approaches like neural networks, fuzzy systems, evolutionary algorithms, probabilistic methods, and chaos theory already perpetuate all kinds of technology. The power of intelligent word recognition, image processing, data mining, semantic translation, deep learning, pattern recognition, and evolutionary robotics to gain information and to optimize performance is evident.

Interdisciplinary exchange

To open the black box of AI we create a playful environment with an interdisciplinary group of participants. Computer scientists, artists, technicians, journalists, designers, curators, start-ups, and humanities scholars collaborate to transfer AI knowledge to a wider audience. We are committed to creating public engagement in an area that affects us all, but is still poorly understood in its operation and effect. For this purpose we are happy to build AIX onto preliminary work by Schaufler Lab and STEAM INC.

Workshop highlights

  • Introduction to machine learning by experts from the TU Dresden
  • Dialogue with international artists working on AI
  • Trial accounts for GPT-3 for every participant with up to 300 K tokens each
  • Playful and collaborative research on AI
  • Experience methods of collaboration from an international community

Important dates

Workshop AIX 2021: 27th and 28th of May, 2021
Application deadline: 14th of May, 2021
Notification: 17th of May, 2021