Sculpture and Objects
Cabinet of the Collector, 2010 - 2013

Cabinet of the Collector, 2010-2013

Bronze editions

The works from the project Cabinet of the Collector is an ongoing series of bronze casts of everyday objects, with painted details, each one installed on the wall with a bronze nail. The project was inspired by the European tradition of the cabinet of curiosities and format of small bronzes.

Post-it is a series of sculptural compositions of painted brass post-it notes, that have a trompe l’oeil effect. They are installed singly or in groups. They could also be installed with a line  sprayed across the width of the installation to address the sculpture’s relationship to the wall. Every time the sculpture is re-installed another line is sprayed across, so the artwork collects the layers of paint and history of its expositions.

The works address the theme of documentation and the representation of poetic experience, revealing the presence of mythology in the fabric of the everyday. 

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