Turo, 2016

Turo Portfolio, 2016

Archival inkjet prints. Size (unframed diptych): 18 x 24 inches (45.7 x 61 cm)

The Turo photo series was created in conjunction with film Turo (Tower in Esperanto), exploring post-Soviet geography and Constructivist architecture. It explores the current state of the modern universalist project. Utilizing various methods of representation, the film structure combines documental footage and cinematic narrative. Each chapter presents a different Constructivist building as a setting of past utopias. The buildings are landmarks of Soviet modernism: Melnikov House (by Konstantin Melnikov), Narkomfin Building (by Moisei Ginzburg), ZIL automobile factory (by Vesnin brothers). The artist employs an international medium of communication – Esperanto – to guide the viewer through each chapter of this “fictionalized non-fiction.” Much of the footage became unique since its documentation, as some of the buildings, like ZIL automobile factory, no longer exist or are in ruinous state.

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